Accounting & Bookkeeping

We’ll Manage the Numbers. You Manage Your Business.

You’ve poured your life into your business – honing your product or service, finding the best employees, and outfitting a great location. Don’t sell your business short by stopping there – give yourself the best chance of success, knowing that your accounting and payroll needs are covered.Whether you’re a startup or an established business, keeping track of your financials is essential to making informed business decisions. That’s when accounting and bookkeeping services come in. Our bookkeeping accounting services aim at cost reduction and cost management. Our specialized team of accounting professionals has been designated to cater to customer’s requirements and processes. Our professional bookkeeping services of bookkeeping accounting and auditing are very beneficial for startup and small businesses.

Accounting Made Easy For Small Business

You can improve profitability, manage cash flow, control unnecessary costs, ensure accuracy of your records and make better business decisions. How? By letting MMBA Accountants help you manage the finances in your business through:

  • Accurate and timely bookkeeping services
  • Regular reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts
  • Analysis of your cash flow and expenses
  • Managing Accounts Payable
  • Providing educational workshops and Business Consulting
  • Preparing and interpreting financial reports

What our service includes :

• Processing high-volume transactions 
• Opinion and counseling on accounting matters
• Designing and implementation of Accounting System including  training of organization’s accounting personnel
• Drafting / compiling Accounting Policies and Procedures
• Secondment / deputation of accounting personnel
• Facilitating implementation of new computerized accounting system or shifting from existing one to a new one.

Financial Reports That Matter


  • Profit & Loss Statement – A monthly breakdown of sales, cost of sales, and expenses
  • Balance Sheet – A summary of your assets, liabilities, and equity
  • Cash Flow Statement – A monthly breakdown of where your cash went
  • General Ledger Report – A record of your transactions for the month – deposits, payments, and more
  • Prior Year Financial Reports – 12 month trend analysis