Internal Audit

The existing business and corporate environment has conclusively proved that the Internal Audit function has attained much more significance than the conventional transaction-based role of the past. In order to survive in a technology-driven society, business entities must be responsive in order to achieve targets in identifying opportunities, managing risks and exposures that can determine success or failure. This practice segment provides services in enhancing the scope and approach of the existing internal audit function of clients by providing advice, re-engineering and coordinating the internal audit department. The firm is well equipped and staffed to undertake Internal Audit Function on a fully outsourced basis.

Experience and expertise

We have experience of using and implementing a wide range of Internal Audit Tools and have expertise that can be made available to our clients, either as part of Internal Audit consultancy services or as an outsourced project. We can help our clients transform their internal audit department by making it more risk-focused – aligning the internal audit effort with the risks, which threaten the achievement of the business objectives and corporate mission.

We provide a tailored strategic approach to help our clients identify and understand specific operational and financial risks; to define the level of risk the client is willing to accept; and to identify and focus on the opportunities available.